In 2018, I shared some thoughts on efficient and proven project management practices in “ 90 Sprints for Capital Markets”. It’s a series of 4 articles worth taking a look at — everything there still holds true.

A short recap:

  • Stand-up is hard and is the…

There are already many great articles about good and bad microservices design. There is also an enormous amount of bad articles showing the bad design of microservices as a pattern. And a huge amount of teams who fell into that trap. The truth is: You may not need microservices, this…

Azure Synapse Analytics is a new product in the Microsoft Azure portfolio. It brings a whole new layer of control plane over well-known services as SQL Warehouse (rebranded to SQL Provisioned Pool), integrated Data Factory Pipelines and Azure Data Lake Storage, as well as adds new components such as Serverless…

Piotr Gwiazda

Cloud Solution Architect at GFT. Helping financial organizations making best use of cloud.

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